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Marc Cornell



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I provide a high quality, fee based financial planning service to my clients, which helps them to achieve their financial goals and objectives and gives them greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind.

We believe that money is a means to an end and that it should be your lifestyle goals and objectives that drive any good financial plan. We take the time to fully understand you, your family and your objectives, before we begin the process of constructing your financial plan.

Our unique expertise centers around three areas:

1. Retirement Planning – Helping you to plan and live your ideal retirement, perhaps retire early or enjoy a phased or flexible retirement.

2 Financial Planning

Get help with setting specific financial goals, seeing how close you are to achieving them and forming a plan to get on track; whether that is planning for an early retirement or planning to buy your first home.

3 Investments and Savings

Get help generating a better return on your savings, with a full range of investment options which could include equities, funds, bonds and alternative investments.

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