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Braylen Twist

Braylen Twist join Prime Markets in 2014 as the Head of Investment Research. Braylen Twist brought with him a wealth of expertise and knowledge accumulated through his successful career in financial services spanning over 12 years. Having sparked an early interest in foreign exchange markets, investment strategy and international economic developments. Mr. Twist began his career …

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Gauvain Géroux

Gauvain Géroux Senior Trader, formée a l’université Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, MSc Economics. Avec une expérience de 8 ans dans le trading des particuliers et spécialisé dans la finance quantitative mais pas seulement. Gauvain Gérouxest un courtier a haute compétence qui vous accompagnera en toute professionnalisme pour gérer au mieux votre portefeuille.

Talbot Kerr

Talbot Kerr is a highly experienced financial market analyst with a focus on fundamental analysis. Talbot Kerr’s daily commentary covers a broad range of markets including forex, equities and commodities. His work has been published in several major online financial publications including.

Wat Kellogg

Wat Kellogg joined the company Prime Markets in 2017. A highly experienced financial analyst and news presenter with an in-depth understanding of global markets, Kellogg provides valuable insights into market news, as well as macroeconomic trends to clients and the international media. Over the course of his career, Kellogg has a sterling reputation for his incisive …

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Géraldine Poulin

Géraldine Poulin Senior Trader, formée au John Cabot University Rome, MSc Economics and Finance et avec 7 ans d’expérience est un de nos hautement compétent Courtier avec une vaste expertise sur les marchées Européens, Britanniques et Américain. Capable de s’adapter à de nombreux scénarios et indépendamment des conditions du marché, son objectif est de produire des …

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Beatrice Tafani

Beatrice Tafani 36 anni, 5 anni di esperienza nei sistemi finanziari applicati e online, 3 anni di esperienza nei sistemi bancari ed europei nel ruolo di consulente. Laureata in Economia e Finanza alla LUISS, Master in Sistemi finanziari.

Marc Cornell

I provide a high quality, fee based financial planning service to my clients, which helps them to achieve their financial goals and objectives and gives them greater clarity, confidence and peace of mind. We believe that money is a means to an end and that it should be your lifestyle goals and objectives that drive …

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Lara Castro

Mi papel como experta financiera es evaluar oportunidades y riesgos potenciales del cliente y resolver problemas de tipo financiero. También, gestionar las finanzas, procurando la buena administración de estas. A través de un análisis en profundidad de la situación personal, fiscal y económica del ahorrador, soy capaz establecer metas a corto y largo plazo para …

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Brianna Gordon

Brianna Gordon in the position of market analyst joined Prime Markets 7 years ago. Brianna provides in-depth analysis on various markets, some of which are also featured on Prime Markets news. Brianna aims to provide in-depth market analysis by analyzing all macroeconomic news using both fundamental and technical analysis. Brianna is passionate about sharing her …

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Charlie Moore

Charlie Moore joined the company in 2014 as a quality assurance engineer for Prime Markets and has worked for over 13 years in various roles in quality assurance, product management and product strategy. Charlie focuses on marketing and product strategy to drive customer acquisition and product engagement. He holds an MBA from UK University, a …

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